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Adoption Central England (ACE) provides adoption services and adoption support to children and families.



ACE is in the process of updating our website to ensure it reflects all of the services we provide to our prospective adopters, adopters, birth parents and adopted adults.

ACE aims to work with all individuals and families using the principles of Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, to ensure that we listen to the experiences of adopters, children, birth parents and adopted adults to work in ways that promote open and engaged empathetic relationships. We will support adopters to appreciate the impact of their child’s early trauma and to parent in ways that will to enable their child to build trust, feel safe and reach their full potential. 

ACE staff are DDP informed, trained and supported in their work with children and families at all stages of the process. 

We welcome your ideas on what you would wish us to include in our new website. Please contact email address enquiries@aceadoption.com

ACE is proud to be part of the National #YouCanAdopt campaign. The aim of the campaign is to change perceptions about adoption by breaking down common myths and ensuring people feel eligible and capable to adopt; ultimately to increase the number of possible parents registering their interest in adoption. 

Additionally, the campaign aims increase the number of adoptive parents from black African and black Caribbean backgrounds as these children traditionally wait longer to be matched with a new adoptive family. We are also looking to increase the amount of adopters who wish to be considered for older children, sibling groups and those with complex health needs and or a disability as these children also wait longer to be placed with an adoptive family. 

We will be sharing lots of resources and information about adoption over the next few months but if you have any questions or would like to start the process please contact the Business Support Team on 0300 369 0556 or follow the instructions on our website.

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Adoption Central England (ACE) is the regional adoption agency for:

  • Coventry City Council
  • Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Warwickshire County Council
  • Worcestershire County Council
  • Herefordshire Council

Adoption Central England (ACE)

We are looking for parents and families from all sections of the community who can provide permanent care for children who cannot live with their birth families. We put the children's needs at the centre of all our decision making and we will provide lifelong support to adoptive parents, children placed for adoption and adopted children through to adulthood.

Thinking about adopting a child is a big step and you will have many questions. ACE will offer the best possible advice by working with you, providing training and support, to give you and your family the best start.

ACE is currently recruiting families who:

  • Can consider adopting children of all ages, particularly aged 3 and over;
  • Are from ethnic minority backgrounds - if you are an Asian, Black or a mixed heritage family, we would be particularly interested in hearing from you;
  • Can deal with potential health uncertainties in their adoptive child;
  • Can adopt sibling groups of 2, 3 and 4 children;
  • Can accept a child on a fostering for adoption basis where there might be some legal uncertainty about the child's plan or where the child is older and a period of fostering may be required before the adoption happens.

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Want to speak to someone?

Our office hours are 9am - 5:30pm Mon - Fri. To speak to one of the team for an initial conversation please call

0300 369 0556

All calls are in strictest confidence and any questions or queries will be answered by an experienced adoption social worker.

In an emergency which cannot wait until the ACE office opens please contact the Children’s Emergency Duty Team for your local authority.