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Children who need adoption

Children with disabilities or unknown health needs

All children need secure and loving homes. We are looking for adopters willing to help meet the needs of children with additional health needs or disabilities. Sometimes we do not know what the likely health or developmental outcomes may be for a child, for example if they have a chromosome disorder or where the parent used drug or alcohol excessively through pregnancy. ACE needs adopters who are willing to accept and understand these uncertainties and be willing and committed to help their child develop and succeed at their own pace. With the right support and training, ACE will advise and support you so that every child reaches their full potential.

“Leah is 6 months old. She is a delightful baby who is always smiling. She loves cuddles, attention and interacting with adults and children. She likes musical toys or being outdoors in the pushchair. Leah has a diagnosis of Spina Bifida and as she is only young, her developmental prognosis is unknown, and she may need to use a wheelchair as she grows older. Leah is looking for an adoptive family able to work with health professionals to support her individual potential.”