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Children who need adoption

Placing brothers and sisters together

ACE always needs more adoptive families who can offer caring and stable homes for groups of brothers and sisters of varying sizes and ages. Adopting siblings can have many benefits – you will have an instant family unit without having to go through the adoption process again! Siblings have each other for support when going through a transition to a new home and they can stay together throughout their childhoods. Your adopted children will have a shared history and a related birth family member living with them which can support their identity development and emotional stability.

ACE provide a workshop for prospective adopters specifically about adopting siblings. This workshop will help you consider the strengths and qualities needed when considering the adoption of more than one child and provides an opportunity to meet adoptive parents raising large sibling groups who freely offer their tips and advice!

“Leo (5), Lily (3) and Lucy (1) are full siblings who share a close bond. Their birth parents had a traumatic childhood, witnessing domestic violence and frequently moving between family members. Leo can be unsure of new people but when he is feeling safe, he is confident and chatty. He loves animals and playing at the park. Lily is caring and kind, she likes to ‘mother’ her siblings. She loves dancing and singing. Lucy is an alert baby who likes music and is entertained by her siblings.

The three siblings will need adoptive parents able to meet their individual needs and support their relationship as siblings.”