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Children who need adoption

Children from African, African-Caribbean, and mixed ethnicity backgrounds

Children needing adoption come from many different cultures, ethnic backgrounds and religions and black and mixed race children frequently wait for an adoptive family. Prospective adopter/s can be considered for children with whom they do not share the same ethnicity however, they will need to consider how they can positively promote their child’s identity. ACE will provide flexible and creative support. As an organisation ACE aims to be inclusive, respecting the diversity of individual and family experiences.

“Connor is 2 years old. His birth mother is White British, and his birth father is Black Caribbean. Connor is a happy and affectionate young boy who is kind and caring to other children. Connor loves exploring and his favourite thing is climbing! He loves being outdoors – riding his bike, playing at the park, or looking for bugs. Indoors he likes to play with toy cars, tractors, trains, planes, and Lego blocks. Connor had a tricky start to life. In utero, he was exposed to substance misuse. For his first six months, he experienced poor care by being left alone at times, changes in caregivers and hearing lots of arguments.”