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Support for adopted young people

Support in School

We recognise how tricky school can be for our young people. Our adoption support social workers will aim to support your family with school related matters; however we understand that we are not teachers but we have resources that we can share with school to better understand all the challenges that young people can face and we have educational advisers who are people that have especially been put in place to support conversations with schools and home about anything from how difficult the school day can be to reducing timetables or supportive ways for moving from one lesson to another or one year group to another. We recognise that sometimes friendships can be tricky and sometimes young people need a bit of extra support to find their place. We also have training which parents can attend, where people called educational psychologists support parents to understand how to support young people in schools better.

We can also arrange fun things for you and your family to do, including meeting up with other adopted children and their families.