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ACE Support services

ACE is pleased to provide a range of inhouse support services to meet the varying needs of our children and families:

  • Support Groups - we have a good relationship with independently run adopters support groups
  • Adoptive Family Events - picnics and fundays
  • Newsletter – a quarterly Newsletter keeping you up to date with ACE news, developments, training and events
  • Stay and Play Groups
  • Training Events – A comprehensive programme of pre approval and post approval training including specialist therapeutic training.
  • Workshops and webinars
  • Buddy Service – Experienced adopters will support prospective adopters through the early stages of the adoption assessment process up until the adoption match
  • Friends and Family Training - ACE provides training to adopters' friends and family to enable them to have a greater understanding of the impact of early trauma on children, consider how they can support the adopters whether it be by offering practical support or by providing a non-judgemental listening ear, taking time to help the child build safe trusting relationships with other adults who will be consistent, reliable and fun. Providing support from the first day the child is placed through to adulthood.

You and your family may have a specific need. We offer the following specialised support services:

  • Dyadic Developmental Practice (DDP) informed social worker support
  • Family ‘assessment of need’ for adoption support services
  • Applications to the Adoption Support Fund for therapeutic intervention
  • Assistance with contact and an adoption Letterbox Scheme
  • Adopted Young People's Group
  • Space2Talk – A telephone support service provided by experienced adopters
  • Individual and Couples Counselling – we may fund four free counselling sessions with a systemic family therapist
  • Single Adopters Support Group – Online and face to face meetings for single adopters and their children.
  • ACE Clinical Psychology Service – An appointment based service where your ACE social worker will meet with you and the clinical psychologist to discuss any aspect of adoption.

Request support for adopters

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