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ACE Therapeutic Team

ACE has a specialist Therapeutic Team made up of therapeutically trained and experienced social workers, who work from a DDP informed base. The key focus for the team is to develop and support attachment-based relationships between children and their adoptive parents.We recognise that parenting adopted children can be very rewarding, but also challenging.

Parents who adopt need to provide their children with a very special way of parenting and the ACE Therapeutic Team can support parents in gaining the knowledge and skills to truly achieve this.

Without the therapeutic team at ACE, our adoption journey would have been significantly more daunting, challenging and frankly, traumatizing. Having a social worker on hand has quite simply been critical to the success of our family.

Helping us navigate the early days and months with regular meetings and phone calls, offering advice and coping strategies while also reminding us of the reality of trauma and its effects on children, has been fundamental in building the foundations and creating the family we have wanted for so long.

The ACE Therapeutic Team specialise in therapeutic interventions with adoptive parents.