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Steps to adoption


Once you have been approved, your social worker will start to identify the right child or children to be placed with you. Being approved to adopt does not mean that a child or children will be placed with you straightaway. The time taken to find the best match can vary and your social worker will keep you informed of progress. Sometimes this part of the process can feel the longest, but for others a match is made very quickly.

In some cases, ACE may have already talked to you about the children waiting for a family and you will have an idea of whether there is a specific child or children for you.

If this is not the case, then we will share with you profiles of children waiting for adoption and will also talk to you about the children who are going through the legal process where the eventual outcome may be a plan for adoption.

Once the right child or children have been identified for you, you will return to Adoption Panel for the decision to be recommended about the match, the final decision will be made by the child’s local authority Agency Decision Maker.

ACE will then work alongside you, the child’s social worker, foster carers and any other relevant professionals to support your child or children transitioning to your home and your new life together as a family.

Enquiry form for adoption

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