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Steps to adoption

Stage 1 - Registration, Checks, Preparation

Stage 1 usually takes around two months. During this time, you are encouraged to find out as much as possible about adoption and what it will mean to you and your family. We start to get to know you, to discover your strengths, experiences and begin to prepare you for the task ahead.

ACE is required to take up background checks that include:

  • DBS (Police) checks on all adults in the household aged over 18 years
  • Personal references – from people who know you well
  • Employment references including historical employment references where you have worked with children or vulnerable adults in the past
  • A full medical assessment
  • School references for any school age child in the household
  • References from ex-partners if deemed appropriate

You will be encouraged to do your own research into adoption and will be required to attend the Adoption Preparation Training which will involve a number of sessions usually completed over three days or this programme may be completed online. In the group sessions you will meet other prospective adopters. This is also an opportunity to meet experienced adopters and an adopted adult. You will learn about the children's experiences, their needs and the challenges they may bring with them to adoption, you will also begin to develop skills in the therapeutic parenting techniques of PACE (playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy) that will help you to meet the needs of an adopted child. If you are applying as a couple you will both need to complete the Adoption Preparation Training programme.

‘Having completed the training, I now know how important it is to embrace the idea that I am going to have to parent differently and that the challenges will be different to ones I have faced with my birth daughter.’

Enquiry form for adoption

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