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Family Connexions – Birth family support service

Family Connexions Support Groups

Family Connexions hold support groups monthly for birth parents who have experienced the loss of a child through adoption. These groups currently run in North Warwickshire, Coventry and Herefordshire with new groups planned in Worcestershire and Solihull. We are also in the process of organising groups for other family members.

These groups are run by Family Connexions workers and will also provide the opportunity to speak to the Letterbox Coordinators as they also attend some of the group sessions.

The meetings allow all who attend to share how they are and how they are doing (if you feel comfortable in doing this) and is an opportunity to share experiences with other parents who have had children adopted.

Sometimes speakers are invited to attend the meeting (every 3 months) who will focus on different topics such as finances and benefits, housing, sexual health, and domestic abuse counselling. Many of these sessions have been enjoyed by those who attended.

To have the opportunity to share good memories and celebrate your children the group meetings can include craft activities at seasonal times of the year and birthday cakes are shared to celebrate all the children’s birthdays since the previous meeting.

Not everyone feels comfortable in group situations, but if this is something you think you would like, you can talk about groups with one of our Family Connexions workers.

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