Letterbox sample letters

Example Letterbox exchanges from birth parents to adoptive parents


Dear Ava and Leo

I hope this letter finds you and your family well.

Thank you very much for the recent letter it is incredible how big Malakai is getting!

I am glad to hear he is doing well at school.

Congratulations on winning the football tournament! Does Malakai support a football team? I support West Brom, and sometimes go to the stadium to watch them play.

I had to go to hospital for a minor operation a couple of months ago, but I am recovering well.

I am hoping to go abroad for my holiday this summer, although I am not sure where yet, I will let you know next time I write. Are you planning to go away again soon?

It is nice to hear Malakai has so many hobbies and loves films. Do you go to the cinema often?

I look forward to hearing from you again next year.

I hope you all have a good Christmas and Malakai enjoys his birthday. I will be thinking of Malakai, and I hope he has a nice day.

Anton x

Sarah and Dave

Dear Richard and Beth

I would like to thank you both for our letter about Ryan, it is really good to know that he is settled with you.

How many teeth has he got and what does he like to eat?

We can’t believe he is now at nursery, he is a big boy now.

It is nice that he has a pet cat, we bet he just loves playing with her.

We think it is good that you take him swimming as it is nice when he can swim when you go on holiday and to the seaside. I like swimming but don’t go very much.

I am fine also, I am now at college doing a part time course so I can learn about computers. Dave is now working in a shop and he really likes it as well.

We have got a dog now called Buster, he is lovely and we like to take him for walks.

We went to Blackpool in the summer and stayed in a caravan which was really nice.

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy nursery and we look forward to hearing from you all again when we have our next letter.

With love from

Sarah and Dave x