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Letterbox sample letters

Example Letterbox exchanges from adoptive parents to birth parents

Trisha and Glen

Dear Jasmine

Thank you for your last letter and glad you are well.

Amelia is now 10 years old and in Year 5 at school. She is one of the tallest in her class, and she gets on very well with her classmates. She is often invited to birthday parties or to friend’s houses after school. She had a very good school report in the summer her teacher said that she has made very good progress in English, and her Maths is improving, although she does still struggle with it. Her favourite subject is still music, she is always singing, I remember how you shared with us when we met so long ago how much you liked music so we do think that Amelia gets this love of music from you as neither of us can hold a tune!

We recently went on holiday to Tenerife, there was a club for children in the evenings and Amelia made lots of friends there! She really is getting more confident.

We took her to see a musical as a treat for her birthday, and she seemed to really enjoy this. We always think of you on her birthday and share with her how you also celebrate her birthday with cake!

Amelia enjoys reading, and her favourite author is Jacqueline Wilson, she has just finished reading ‘Diamond Girls’.

She also enjoys playing on the Wii and we often play Mario Kart as a family, but the children are much better than us!

We look forward to hearing your news.

Trisha and Glen x


Dinesh's adoptive parents

Dear Malayah and Satel,

As we write this Dinesh has recently turned three and is a well-mannered, lovely happy little boy with a great sense of humour, he is always making us laugh.

He will eat most foods now, even spinach! He particularly loves rice, pizza or curry dishes, especially his grandma’s recipes.

Dinesh’s vocabulary is very good for his age and he really loves singing. Twinkle Twinkle continues to be his favourite nursery rhyme. He also really loves Mr Tumble’s CD, I think we know many of the tracks by heart now.

Over the past year Dinesh has attended a local playgroup, a sports group and a music group of which the singing was his favourite!

He now attends nursery 2 days a week and loves it. We have seen lots of changes in him over the past few months as he has grown in confidence and is slowly becoming more independent.

Dinesh still loves books and sometimes he will sit quietly while listening. He still loves his Thomas the Tank Engine books, though his favourite book at the moment is called ‘A bit lost’ it is about a little owl who needs to be more careful as he keeps falling out of the nest and getting lost, but with the help of his friend squirrel they soon find his mummy again. He also gets to take a book home from nursery and for the third week running he has chosen the same book ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ (because he loves it!)

In terms of watching television shows, Dinesh loves Dinosaur Train, Nina and the Neurons, Ben and Holly’s little Kingdom and Mike the Knight.

His favourite toys are an interactive crane set, building blocks, balance bike and any little cars so long as it they have lights and make lots and lots of noise! He is also developing his imaginative play and is often found chatting away to his soft toys and often includes our dog Sheba in the stories.

The next 12 months for Dinesh will involve toilet training and learning Phonics along with learning to write his own name.

We will continue to love, care and protect him.

Love Dinesh’s adoptive parents xxx