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Specialist Assessment

Example of an Assessment that meets the ASF Specialist Assessment criteria

To develop a greater understanding into the child’s difficulties within an attachment and trauma framework. This assessment will aim to gain a greater understanding of child’s difficulties in the context of their attachment relationships and the impact of early childhood trauma and further explore the impact these factors have had upon their social, behavioural and emotional well-being in order to develop an appropriate intervention plan. This plan is underpinned by Bruce Perry’s (2008) neuro-sequential model and the concept that early childhood trauma has a significant impact across all areas of development and functioning and any current difficulties that a young person is presenting with, must be understood within this framework (developmental trauma).   

The assessment will include:

  • Standardised outcome measures and psychometrics to assess the perception of family relationships 
  • Trauma Symptom Checklist
  • Family Relations Test
  • Parenting Stress Index
  • MFQ and SDQ.  
  • Family observations
  • Clinical interview with parents
  • Interview and information gathering with school and school counsellor/pastoral support. 

The assessment will include reading and gathering of background information relating to birth family experiences and experiences following this (a developmental history).  Information from the assessment will be complied into a report and feedback provided to all those involved in child’s care team in the format of a formulation session following which a care and support package will be recommended. 

All therapists are qualified and registered with either HCPC or approved body. All work is lead and overseen by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist.

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