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What happens after an Assessment of Need meeting?

The Assessment of Need (AON) meeting provided an opportunity for you to discuss with the ACE social worker your family history, the emotional and physical wellbeing of all your family members, what is going well, presenting issues and how as a family you are addressing them. With the social worker you will have consider what support is required by your family and how this can be met either through you family or support network, universal services, ACE, or local authority Children’s Services. Dependent on your child’s age the social worker will meet with your child to gain their views.

The AON report is a working document. The information is gathered from one meeting and therefore social workers can only make recommendations on the information they receive at the time. Following your meeting, the social worker may need to liaise with other services or non-resident parents to gather further information.

The AON report will be sent to the Spoke Manager for comments/approval and a decision as to which level of tiered support you will receive. ACE provides support based on a tiered system of support tier 1 low level to tier 4 high level where local Children’s Services will also be involved.

The AON report will be sent to you for your comments. Alongside the AON report you will receive a Post Order Information Pack with includes the adoption support flyer and education pack.