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Couple/Individual counselling

All families sometimes experience difficulties and can struggle with their relationships in some way. We are able to offer adoptive parents the opportunity to access four funded counselling sessions with an independent counsellor to help individuals or couples work their way through the challenges they are facing in a safe, confidential space.

When everything feels overwhelming it is natural to get stuck in patterns of thinking and behaving, counselling can help identify these patterns ,explore how useful they might be and help couples to think about whether different thinking or behaviour could maybe be more helpful. In a completely non-judgemental and empathetic way, counselling offers adoptive parents the opportunity to talk about how they are feeling, reflect on how the issues are affecting them and their relationships and any changes they might like to make.

We will fund four counselling sessions. Any further work would be an arrangement between you and the counsellor.

“Liz was empathetic and hugely supportive. She helped me to consider the challenges we are facing clearly and helped me to reach new insights and understanding of family dynamics. She also emphasised self-care which was really helpful.”

“I am so grateful to ACE for funding the sessions with Liz. They offered a much needed chance to reflect at a difficult time, which I hope will enable me to better support my family. Thank you.”

“We were really glad to have been offered this counselling, as our relationship had very much got 'lost' since we adopted. It has been a positive experience for us, and Liz was very good, as she was supportive and had an understanding about our situation. Thank you

If you wish to access counselling for yourself please contact your social worker or