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Assessment of Need for Adoption Support

Assessment of Need meeting(s) provides an opportunity for you to meet with an ACE social worker to discuss what is going well with your family, your child’s birth history, the challenges, educational, health and wellbeing issues, existing support from friends, family and other services.

Together we can explore additional support you may require and whether this is met by yourselves, family and friends, universal services or ACE.

If it is identified that your family would benefit from therapeutic support this may be accessed by application to the Adoption Support Fund.

Adoptive families will be offered a range of post adoption support within a tiered framework. At every tier, the aim of the support and intervention is to improve the life experiences and outcomes for adoptive families.

The tier of intervention offered to the family will be proportionate to the needs of the child and family. It is important that adoptive families have access to services at the right time and are able to move between the tiers of interventions including stepping down when the levels of needs or risks reduce.

We work in accordance with The Adoption Support Services Regulations.