James' forever home

We wanted to share our heartfelt thanks for all ACE have done in supporting James to find a forever home with us. We love him beyond words and feel overjoyed each day we spend with him. To now know his adoption order is approved means the world to us, we can now hope and dream for his future. He’s now nearly 14 months old and has been with us since he was only a few weeks old. During that time we have been fully supported by the authority and made completely aware of the process and risks along the way. It’s not been an easy journey to adoption but the roller coaster ride of awaiting court decisions has had its highs as well as lows.

We do feel that the authorities have been respectful of the challenge this places on our emotions but balanced by diligence in finding the best place for James. It has always been our heartfelt wish to take the risks for him and to bring the best outcome for his future. We are so fortunate that this is now made permanent but it could have gone the other way.

For this reason we want to thank our Social Workers for all they have done to support us. They have gone above and beyond to ensure James’ and our needs are met. It must have put considerable pressure on their time and we know how stretched the service is.

We would also like to thank the manager in ACE and the IRO who took time to caution us to be prepared for the risks of relinquished children. We would also like to recognise the helpful role of the NHS, particularly our Health Visitor, who went out of her way to provide sound advice and support. They were so right to do that and it prepared us well for what was to come. That said we do always wish James came straight to us as the risks are the same regardless and we have to take risks that are best for the child. However it’s all meant to be and we have forged a lovely contact through the amazing foster carers who loved and looked after him for those first weeks. We will never forget them and will always share news with them.

On the whole the purpose of this letter is to share our utmost thanks with everyone involved. Beyond those named we know there are many behind the scenes. We want to thank the courts and court administrators too for giving this priority. Whilst it has taken some time it has been in the context of COVID 19 and it is clear the courts and authorities involved gave this case full consideration and moved as quickly as possible to assess what was right for James.

We are just so glad we entered that journey, however bumpy, and we are so so privileged that you chose us for James. We appreciate all the steps you took to protect us given our previous heart ache and loss. We have no regrets.

With all our thanks and appreciation for what you do. Our social workers and the service of ACE - you are all stars in our eyes.

*names have been changed.