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Other adopter's stories

Aubrey's story

Hear Aubrey and his husbands experience of adopting siblings aged 9 and 12

Adoption, Fostering & Tea: The New Family Social Podcast - Adopting age-gap siblings

Petra's story

Hear Petra's story of her difficult assessment journey with two different agencies.

The Adoption and Fostering Podcast - #AdoptionConversations - Petra

Carolyn's story

Hear Carolyn's story of being assessed and becoming a mum to a child whose longer term needs were not anticipated at the time of matching and how family life has changed.

The Adoption and Fostering Podcast - #AdoptionConversations - Adopter Carolyn

Jonny's story

Hear Jonny's experience of providing an early permanence placement for his daughter

#YouCanAdopt - Early Permanence: A route to adoption

Our stories: A collection of early permanence carer experiences 

Produced by CCS Adoption you can read a collection of stories and journeys of early permanence carers (PDF, 6.36 MB)

Truth be Told podcasts

This 'Truth be Told' podcast series brings together some unique stories of adoptive families from across Wales who give an unfiltered view of adoption.