Son whispering to embarrassed father while shocked elderly man looks on

My son and I were sat in the doctor's surgery next to an old man.

Joe said "Daddy - when I get old, will I have hairs coming out of my ears?"

Existing adopters

Some children need a lot of help in their early years and others may need help as they go through adolescence. As an adoptive parent(s) you may find that you need advice and support at different stages of your child’s development.

ACE works with local agencies that can provide help with various issues, including educational, financial, social and psychological needs. We can help adoptive parents with parenting issues that can arise when living with an adopted child and ACE can also offer therapeutic work with children and young people.

It may be simply that you have a query regarding adoption issues that can be dealt with just by calling us. For other issues, an adoption support social worker may visit you and your family to develop or review an adoption support plan. We can also put you in contact with national and local support groups who can offer advice, help and assistance.


ACE offers adopters and prospective adopters a wide ranging training package. We can help you use your life experiences and skills to provide a safe, loving home for a child.

We understand that for some of you after adopting you may not need our support and training. However we commit to giving you an offer of support at any time you may need us.

Training courses offered include:

  • Therapeutic play — a ‘theraplay’ taster
  • Introduction to attachment and therapeutic parenting
  • “Next steps” workshop for waiting adopters
  • A life story workshop for families
  • Friends and family training
  • Eat sleep, play – dealing with the challenges
  • Parenting teenagers
  • Parenting an adopted child

There are a number of additional events and schemes offered:

  • Bi-monthly adopter coffee mornings
  • Adopter mentoring scheme