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Mentoring scheme for adoptive parents

The ACE mentoring scheme is a voluntary service in which mentors provide confidential telephone support. Mentors are experienced adoptive parents who have attended a 3-day training course on becoming a mentor and receive regular supervision thereafter.

The service offers the opportunity for newly adoptive parents to have a confidential chat to someone who will not judge them or have an opinion about what they’re doing or how they are feeling. However well-intentioned family and friends are, they usually want to offer advice based on their own personal experiences, and that can leave their friend or relative feeling a little bit deskilled or disempowered.

Of course there is a place for a good old moan to a friend or a cry on someone you trust’s shoulder or a big hug with a family member but there is also a place for a bit of objectivity which is what Adoptive Parent Mentors can offer. This is primarily a listening service.

How does it work?

For the first six weeks your allocated mentor will telephone you at a mutually agreed time for half an hour. At the end of this period you will both review the contact and decide whether you wish to continue with the support.

How can I get a mentor?

There are a couple of short forms that need to be completed but don’t worry about that. Please phone ACE on 0300 369 0556 and ask to speak to a Duty Social Worker or your allocated Social Worker.