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New adopters sought for children

Adoption Central England (ACE) currently has a wide range of children who need a loving permanent adoptive home, they include babies to 10 year olds, sibling groups and children with a level of disability and those of minority ethnic backgrounds.

Anyone can be considered as potential adopters providing they are over 21 years. It doesn’t matter whether you are married or single, in or out of work, or whatever your race, religion or sexuality. But you will need plenty of patience, humour and energy. Most importantly, you need to be determined to give a child or children the sort of support that will really make a difference to their lives.

As Dave an adoptive parent explains: “Both Claire and I had talked about possibly adopting prior to marriage in 2011.We both felt strongly about giving a child in care a second chance in life and a new beginning in a stable, happy, loving household. Our shared Christian faith played a role in this and we knew a couple of couples from our church who had been through the process and made a real difference to their children’s lives.”

“We have been adoptive parents for a year and a half, Joe came into our lives when he was 6 and after two weeks of introductions moved in with us.” 

“One of the biggest rewards from adopting is the huge amount of love that Joe gives us both. He’s so happy to have a forever family and we feel incredibly grateful and privileged to have him as our son.” 

“A big challenge was increasing his low self-confidence, learning to manage his behaviour and introducing a bedtime routine. However, the preceding months of training had prepared us well and although both of us have experience with children, there was still a huge leap into the unknown. We enjoyed our training and it was great to meet  with other prospective adopters during it, some we still keep in contact with. The process was relatively quick and by the end of it you just want to meet your child and when that finally comes, you now have what you’ve been striving for, a family!”
“Adopting a child won’t change the world, but for that child the world will change.”

Anyone interested in adoption can visit the ACE website: or call the ACE Hub on 0300 369 0556 to find out more. 

Want to speak to someone?

To speak to one of the team for an initial conversation please call

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All calls are in strictest confidence and any questions or queries will be answered by an experienced adoption social worker.