Young girl with shoes on the wrong feet

When my daughter was four she put her shoes on the wrong feet.

When I told her she looked at me confused and said:

"But Mummy I don't have any other feet!"

Support and training

We provide a range of services for adoptive families or those that have been approved. 

These include:

  • advice and information;
  • regular support groups for adopters (people who adopt);
  • workshops and training on topics of interest;
  • services in relation to therapeutic needs of a child and applications to the Adoption Support Fund where applicable;
  • a regular newsletter to tell you what’s going on;
  • family fun days and events;
  • the Adopter’s Mentoring Service – informal telephone support from an experienced and trained adoptive parent;
  • delivering packages of therapeutic intervention or parenting support;
  • signposting you to other services that might provide additional support to a family.


ACE offers adopters and prospective adopters a wide ranging training package. We can help you use your life experiences and skills to provide a safe, loving home for a child.

We understand that some of you may not need our support and training after adopting. However we commit to giving you an offer of support at any time you may need it. You can reach out to us at any point from your child’s early years through to their adolescence and beyond. Some of our training programmes include:

  • Introductions and early days of placement
  • Therapeutic play — a ‘theraplay’ taster
  • Introduction to attachment and therapeutic parenting
  • “Next steps” workshop for waiting adopters
  • A life story workshop for families
  • Friends and family training
  • Eat sleep, play – dealing with the challenges
  • Parenting teenagers
  • Parenting an adopted child

There are a number of additional events and schemes offered:

  • Bi-monthly adopter coffee mornings
  • Adopter mentoring scheme