Son whispering to embarrassed father while shocked elderly man looks on

My son and I were sat in the doctor's surgery next to an old man.

Joe said "Daddy - when I get old, will I have hairs coming out of my ears?"


What our adopters have said

"The information evenings were pitched perfectly - they were relaxed yet informative and very open. We left with a clear idea of what the next steps were, the potential timelines and a rough outline of the whole process which is what we were after."

"Our favourite part of the preparation groups was definitely meeting previous adopters; it made adoption seem possible and was great to hear from others that have been through it to tell us what things can really be like."

"We didn't find the assessment process too intrusive and we fully understood the reasons for wanting to know both of our backgrounds and our relationship in detail."

"Our adoption social worker was amazing throughout - she has been and continues to be an exceptional support to us. We especially value her empathy during the difficult period of court delays, availability whenever we needed her and knowledge and advice during every step of the journey."

"It was great to have a mentor who has been through foster to adopt before and the timing (once our daughter had been identified as a potential match) was perfect."

"The Adoption Matching Panel was very warm and welcoming and we enjoyed the opportunity to bring our daughter along."

"We are so pleased that we went ahead and met the birth parents. It will be so nice to be able to share this with our daughter in the years to come and it will help us with future Letterbox content."

Jo's Adoption Story

"This time two years ago year I was living in a tidy home, sleeping all night, drinking cocktails, reading novels, having long baths... and waiting. I had been approved as a prospective single adopter."

"Within a few months of being approved, I was shown a profile of a six month old girl in foster placement. She had just become eligible for adoption. Within two weeks, my social worker, the baby’s social worker and family finder had met with me.  I was asked a lot of questions but the meeting felt friendly and I was shown a picture of a beautiful baby girl! The following day I had a call from my social worker to say that they wanted to proceed with me, I was going to be a mum!"

"The following month I met my baby girl and we spent time getting to know each other at both the foster parents and my home. I took my little one home a week later; I have never experienced a more emotional day. Her foster family had loved and cared for her so well and it was very difficult to see them say goodbye, although we have stayed in touch."

"There were some real ups and downs during the first few months of the baby’s placement with me; I was totally prepared for some hiccups along the way but it was still hard emotionally. However I felt well supported through the whole process by my lovely social worker and my baby’s social worker."

"She is now a very very cheeky beautiful two years old and is really thriving; she is loved by everyone, and certainly knows it!"

"My experience of being assessed for adoption was a positive experience, there was a lot of paperwork, and there was a lot of talking about myself – but ultimately I felt it was all done so that my social worker could get a real picture on who I was as a person. The process was well managed, communication was excellent, and I felt in safe hands throughout."